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Informatie over 關尹 / 尹喜 guān yǐn / Yǐn xǐ - Yin de Wachter van de Bergpas

Engels (Ziporyn, Mair): Guanyin, the Guard of the Pass (Z), Barrier Keeper Yin (W)
Duits (Kalinke): Guan Yin (Grenzwächter)
Frans (Levi): Kouan-yin, le gardien de Ia passe .

Biografische informatie:

Dit is de beroemde wachter van de Xiangu-pas, die Lao Zi bij zijn vertrek uit de wereld tegenhield om zijn onderricht te ontvangen. Lao Zi dicteerde hem de Daodejing. (Schipper)

Yin Xi is first known as an ancient philosopher called Guanyin zi 關尹子 and as such is mentioned in the Zhuangzi, the Lüshi chunqiu 呂氏春秋 (Springs and Autumns of Mr. Lü), and the Liezi. He was then associated with a text of this title, mentioned in the bibliographic section of the Hanshu (History of the Former Han) but lost early on. A new version, with heavy neidan influence, was reconstituted in 1233 under the title Wenshi zhenjing 文始真經 (Authentic Scripture of Master Wenshi; CT 667).

His career as a Taoist immortal begins with the Shiji (Records of the Historian; 63.2139–43; trans. Lau 1982, x-xi), which names him as the border guard on the Hangu Pass (Hangu guan 函谷關) who requested Laozi’s Daode jing and thus makes him the first recipient of the sage’s teaching. Increasingly associated with Laozi and his expanded hagiographic accounts, Yin Xi becomes a sage in his own right with biographies in the Liexian zhuan (trans. Kaltenmark 1953, 65–67) and the Shenxian zhuan (trans. Campany 2002, 194–204), which characterize him as skilled in astrology and thus able to divine Laozi’s approach.
Dedicating himself fully to the Dao, he then becomes the sage’s partner on his western journey, “converting the barbarians” with him. (Livia Kohn in Pregadio 2008, p 1169-70)

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Overzicht dialogen

1. hst. 19-II, pag. 245-246: Liezi en Yin de Wachter van de Bergpas

Overige vindplaatsen

Er is 1 paragraaf met een of meerdere vermeldingen van Yin de Wachter van de Bergpas:
1. hst. 33-VIII, pag. 424-426